Friday, July 21, 2006

Will I need a liver transplant?

Grasshopper is still around in case you didn't read my comments on the previous post. Wednesday evening she called me from work to ask if she could drop by. (I live a few blocks from her current job.) I told her that would be no problem but that I was also in the process of changing clothes to head out. We watched some TV and chatted about her date on Monday. She also played with the cats. Especially Boris. He, of course, showed up to beg when Grasshopper pulled out the chips and guacamole. I explained to her that Boris is a stoner cat and perpetually has the munchies. Or maybe he has a tapeworm? Whatever it is, all I know is that the minute you put something in your mouth, there he is begging for a sample. You would have thought that the Chinese hot mustard incident would have cured him of this. Then again he was back begging 15 minutes later then (and received the same treatment).

Naturally we headed to our bar. I mean it was Wednesday. Our favorite bartender works on Wednesdays (and Fridays and Saturdays). Our highlight was when we overheard him say to a couple of other women, "Just let me know if there is anything else I can do for you." We laughed hysterically, proclaiming that he would never be stupid enough to say that to us. Grasshopper has already written the list of the things he can do for her. I keep mine in my head because I occasionally need to change the priority of things.

Grasshopper has this way of meeting guys on HellSpace as well. One of them started texting her while we were sipping on our first drinks. He eventually showed up. He was OK but we had issue with the fact that he could not see going to a pub as being a part of someone's culture. Confused lad. At least he kind of made up for the fact that there was no entertainment that night. I really wish they would hurry up and hire a new manager. Oh, and their website changes? So not happy with them.

After her second pint, Grasshopper had to say goodbye. She was in need of Midol and was opening at work on Thursday. It had been my intention to leave shortly after she did. Then I got to talking to the bartender. He was having a slideshow of his recent trip to China once things slowed down in the bar. The way things were going in there on Wednesday, that was going to be around 2 a.m. This would have been fine if I was going to work at my office job in the morning, but not for going to a school. Fortunately there will be a repeat of the show on Friday and/or Saturday nights.

At this point, I knew I really needed to go. (It was nearing midnight.) Then this guy walked up to me. He had looked vaguely familiar when he walked in. As soon as he started talking, I suddenly remembered. He was one of the two guys who had walked me home when I was out and about on New Year's Day. (Hmmmm. Why was that post title about my liver as well? I'm starting to see a pattern here.) Actually it was more like I forced them to do a imitation of The Wizard of Oz down the street. Because that's what drunk people should do. Re-enact movies in public.

So Mr. Travel Writer and I started slowly remembering various tidbits about each other over cocktails. Then our glasses were empty and he insisted on buying another. Around this time I told him about the pain in my shoulder. (Yes, it was still lingering. I no longer had need for flexeril but it was still a bit annoying.) The dear man was able to get rid of the pain for me. It was at that point that I started thinking that this could be the start of something great. Then again I had had quite a few cocktails by that time so lots of things were sounding great. The other thought that crossed my mind was that in wishing that I'd her from Paramedic Boy, the universe decided to send me something possibly better. I must try this more often. Thursday morning I remembered that I actually had his email address from our previous meeting. I also discovered that he had written about going out for drinks sometime but there was no follow-up from him. Or maybe there was. This was close to the time when I met Musician Boy. Anywho I wrote to him to say thanks for fixing my shoulder. Maybe I'll actually get a date out of it all this time.

Thursday was a bit rough at work. When I got home, I had planned on taking a quick nap but then Grasshopper called. She had only seen the first episode of Hex and I have them all saved. We ordered enough Chinese food to feed ten or so people and settled in for a marathon. We actually watched something like six episodes of the show. Now she's all caught up. We also laughed about all the things our bartender should never say to us. "I'll do anything you say." There were also a lot of comments about how hot Azazeal on Hex is. World destruction? Who cares if you could have him?

As I said before, tonight I'm off to the usual place. I think Grasshopper has a date but she said that she would eventually make it to the pub. I just hope I don't get myself into too much trouble before she arrives. Hmmm. I haven't danced on a bar or table in a few years... It's going to be a long night what with the slideshow and all.

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