Friday, November 25, 2005

In recovery

I decided to forego the family thing yesterday. If you have had the pleasure to spend a holiday with my relatives, you would completely understand. Each year I drop a holiday off the list. Now we are down to birthdays and Christmas.

I love holiday food and so cooked for myself. The kittens carefully supervised everything from the kitchen floor. Each found a place to watch the turkey in the oven. It could have also been all the heat being generated by the oven.

I tried a high temperature method this year. Next time I will tent the breast with foil much sooner.

It's not really Thanksgiving unless one makes an utter pig of one's self. I promptly entered a food coma after consuming this food. I am currently trying to work up the energy to go and partake of the leftovers.

I think this photo of Boris taken after I finished eating sums up the feeling around here. I didn't even have room to try the pumpkin pie my neighbor gave me. Perhaps today...

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