Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Sometimes I miss my old job

Reading over the comments to my last post, I suddenly started feeling nostalgic. Eons ago, or so it seems, I worked for a wireless provider in the real estate and construction department. Actually I would probably still be there if they had not done the reorganization that would have led to my layoff. (I managed to find another job shortly before I would have been laid off. No, I did not want to stick it out for the severance as this was all shortly after September 11.) The whole layoff thing became a catalyst in my re-examination of my life and I ended up taking a whole new career path. Other contributing elements to the change were a number of deaths in the family, my father's heart attack, and of course September 11. 2001 was not a very good year.

Back to today's topic. Because of the nature of my department, we made a number of contributions, both charitable and political. It eventually became a part of my job to show up to events. I remember one afternoon receiving a phone call from my boss in which he said, "I had completely forgotten but there is a fundraiser for X who is running for SF DA. There are not enough people coming and we need more bodies there. Can you stop off on your way home? Free food and drinks..." By the way, my boss frequently forgot about these things. This is why I eventually had access to his Outlook calendar. This is why I also frequently received calls from politicians or their staff members. They knew that I would remember. They also knew that I would nag my boss if necessary.

Not only were there wonderful lunches, dinners, cocktails parties -- you get the point -- but then there was the holiday season. I also had to interact with the vendors on a regular basis. Most years I did not really care what my family gave me for Christmas because I had already received so many great gifts at work. The gifts alone made my aunt question why I would ever leave that job.

In my current job these things would never happen. Now I get excited because a grandmother has baked me some peanut butter cookies. Guess it's better than never receiving any kind of a thank you.

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