Monday, November 14, 2005

Just call me Demi Moore

The Belgian is still around. That's why I am writing this post from work. I'll probably see him again tonight and won't have the privacy to write a post.

He stopped by last night and I forced him to watch Desperate Housewives with me. Apparently it is one of his mother's favorite shows but she has never subjected him to watching it. In the middle of the show, he asked me why I did not have a boyfriend. I always hate that question. Natasha, being the cheap slut that she is, promptly curled up in his lap and went to sleep. She only does this men. When women show up, she hisses and spits a lot. Actually she didn't really seem to like Hallway Boy that much.

I forgot to mention that the Belgian is 25. I verified this by looking at his passport. Oh, and if any of you care, he's a Pisces. When I shared this tidbit with my neighbor (I went by to visit her in between visits from the Belgian. Yes, he came by on two separate occasions yesterday.), she asked if I lied about my age. Ummmm, no. Was I supposed to? Anyway, feel free to do the math.

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