Monday, November 28, 2005

It must be a Virgo thing

I cannot believe that the holiday weekend is over already.

Last night I delivered leftovers to my aunt. She is partial to turkey wings so I had saved them for her. Before going to her house, I met a friend at my aunt's favorite restaurant. This meant that I also had to pick up an order of their curried chicken noodle soup, my aunt's favorite.

My aunt and I discussed a number of things including the party invite for this week that I turned down. When I told her who was having the holiday party, she responded, "I don't know. I think I might have found a way to make it work." This was after I explained to her that San Diego to Santa Monica was at least a four hour drive roundtrip. Guess she thinks like Gloria.

The last thing we talked about before I left was my birthday next year. She agrees with me that I will be truly entitled to dinner at French Laundry although I also mentioned Fifth Floor. And of course my aunt also threw Chez Panisse into the mix. (At dinner, my friend agreed that we should try to milk our birthdays next year for all we can.) We also agreed that I should have a huge party. We're pretty sure about the theme but need to figure out the venue. She has some ideas and is going to do some research.

Well, seeing as I am only at work for a few hours today, I suppose I should actually get some work done. I'm off this evening to San Diego for training. Thank goodness. I just read the weather report -- rain all week up here. It's not hot in San Diego but at least it looks like it will be dry. I'll catch you up on all of the fun and excitement at the end of the week.

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