Monday, February 5, 2007

Blankets over the head

Friday night I got home from bed and headed straight for the comforter. That's right. I pulled that baby over my head and did not surface until sometime Saturday afternoon. Well, actually I made a guest appearance on Saturday morning and then thought that I should go back to sleep. By Saturday evening, I was feeling much better. Not well enough to make a public appearance, but better. Good thing too.

Around 10 a.m. I received yet another call from SG. By the afternoon, after speaking to my mom who wants me to call her friend who owns the winery, I decided that I was ready to listen to the SG messages since Thursday. That would be three messages -- Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Well, seems that the Saturday message was that he had left a gift for me on the steps to my building. Like I ever saw it because by the time I retrieved the message, it was hours later. He also said in a later message (because yes, he called twice on Saturday) that his best friend was the one encouraging him to continue to call me. I think they both need to be committed. Anyway. I decided to do the phone call thing even though now I knew that I was clearly into restraining order territory. Luckily he did not answer so I left a message -- "Please do not call anymore. I have enough stress in my life as it is." If he doesn't get the point after this, well, then I'm going to the cops.

So after I dealt with that ugly business, then it was back to bonding with the tunes on my computer. This time it was Stevie Wonder, Brian Setzer, Van Morrison, Carlos Santana, and Living Colour.

Oh yeah, and Metallica. By the way, can you believe it but about a week ago, one of my kids asked me if I knew who James Hatsfield is? Hello. It seemed more a shock to me that he knew who he was. I told him that Metallica totally rocks. Apparently his dad knows James. I always seem to get just so close to Lars -- yes, I know that he is married but that does not mean that I cannot lust after the man. And yes, I cruise around with the Black Album in my car. Although I am partial to their version of "Wherever I May Roam" with the San Francisco Symphony. Makes me suddenly remember the bellydancing lessons that I took. Cause that's how I roll. And obviously Laurie has infected my brain.

Sunday I decided it was time that I do something productive so I headed to Berkeley Bowl. It was a wonderful experience. I started my shopping for next week's Friday treats. Friday treats is this thing at work. Every Friday a staff member feeds the rest of the staff. Now folks have set the bar pretty high and so I had spent the last week stumped as to what I would do. Then Jade pointed me in the right direction. So I've planned my menu and started the shopping. I also picked up some crack cheese along with a lovely baguette from Acme. I never got around to doing laundry though. Perhaps this afternoon.

I ended up napping Sunday evening. Good thing too. Sports Guy called and left a message saying that he received my message and that he would not be calling anymore. Oh yeah, and he admitted to the crying. About an hour later I was talking to a family friend when he called again. I listened to his message immediately -- some whining about a relationship that failed in December. That was it. I picked up the phone and called him back. When he picked up, I screamed into the phone, "Why the fuck do you think I care about your life? If you call again, I'm calling the police," and then I hung up. I think things are pretty clear now. And then I pulled the blankets back over my head.


  1. Geez. What a freak. Him. Not you.

  2. Yeah, Cookiecrumb can spot 'em, right? Not that I immediately guessed he was a craven, delusional bonehead. I just thought he might be a controller. Ew. Feh, feh!
    Dagny, you have proven to me you have the strength to handle it. Good.
    What are you taking for treats on Friday? The foodblogworld wants to know.