Sunday, February 25, 2007

Old promises

So last night I came home from Sack of Tomatoes and swilled down the French onion soup form Trader Joe's. I picked up a few other things in that shopping trip like calamari rings -- and had a long conversation with the guy at the checkout about what I was going to do with the rings. Have I mentioned how much I love the staff at the El Cerrito Trader Joe's? So helpful and hot looking.

Now that I've hosed myself down -- sort of -- let me return to sanity. Like buying cat food prior to the Trader Joe's trip. Petco is the closest pet store to there. And the cats desperately needed more food. In the future, I'll just have to suck up the extra miles to go to PetSmart. Because their preferred food is less expensive there. I could have bought something less expensive there but the joy in seeing Natasha nudge Boris away from his dish so that she could consume that as well -- a true rarity -- was priceless.

By now you are probably starting to wonder what the post title has to do with all of this. Patience. I'll get there eventually.

After everyone was fed, I started to listen to songs on I-Tunes. Now the one that stuck in my head and made me write this post was The Cars song "Candy-O." This was followed by "Dangerous Type." By the time that Peter Gabriel's "Digging in the Dirt" came on, I felt myself strutting in my chair. I suddenly found myself thinking, "I could be that girl." And the Bill Withers song "Use Me"? Just screams that there should be a pole nearby.

And then I remembered a promise I made long ago. Something to do with if the law school thing did not work out for me. At the time I was living in Daisy Dukes, cropped tops, and my cowboy boots. The promise was that if law school didn't work out, I would work on achieving a full split and getting implants so that I could become a "dancer." I would quickly demonstrate how I had "dancer" moves down, guaranteeing me free drinks for the rest of the evening. That was over ten years ago. Huh. How did I get off course? And what I mean is when did I become so stable and responsible? Stop rolling your eyes. This is compared to who I used to be. Every time I have time off, I remember that person and I kind of miss her. So I'm looking forward to summer when I can be that fun-loving spirit again.

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