Monday, February 12, 2007

Evil lite

The weekend turned out to be better than I anticipated. Yes, I still feel a little evil. Of course, that could be the normal me. Still stewing over things that have peeved me over the last week or so. [I chose to remove some text at this point.] I still think I need this t-shirt. The company also makes several other shirts I "need."

But onto happier thoughts. I finished reading Forever Blue The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood and started reading The Unusual Suspects, the second in the Sisters Grimm series. Can't wait to finish it and to get the next two books in the series.

I spent some time on the web. I received an email from the Berkeley S'n'B group. (No, I have not shown up still.) Apparently one of the women in the group has a book coming out. I'm quite fascinated by it all. Then again, why do I need fancy lingerie? And most of it? Well, it would only fit me post surgery. *sigh* Kind of like going to Victoria's Secret. [In case you're wondering, the wonderful folks at VS make all of two bras in my size. That's why I still have a gift certificate for there from last VD when I was dating Musician Boy. He was not that smart. One of my great loves (Depending how you count them, there were two or three in my life. And then I turned bitter.) had the sense enough to sneak and read the tag in my bra while I was in the shower before heading to VS. My mother has never forgiven me for dumping him.]

Then I started listening to music. But of course. My latest addiction is The Evolution of Robin Thicke. I just can't seem to get enough of the album. And at first I thought that I'd hate it just because of his parents, or more specifically his dad. But no. It's one of my true faves. One of those CDs you can pop in and listen to in its entirety. A rarity these days.

Oh, and I believe the woman in the video is his wife. As in the woman who co-starred with Denzel in Deja Vu. I obviously had too much "free time" on my hands over the weekend. And perhaps I should have saved this for VD. Because if you haven't guessed yet, I can be a bitch on wheels most of the time but that's all a front to hide my true inner romantic. As I've told many a person over the years, a cynic is nothing but a hopeless romantic who has been burned one time too many.

So now it's back to reality. Like preparing a kick ass lesson plan for my evaluation on Wednesday. And this is my week to prepare food for Friday. Suddenly I'm trying to figure out when all of this is going to happen. And I'm trying to figure out things to do over the coming weekend. (I do have some plans actually. I'm going to check out the semifinals of the Bay Area Black Comedy competition with Jade and her sister and possibly some other friends. This is thanks to my websurfing over the weekend. Check this out for some of the past participants.) Because I really do need to head out. I realized over the weekend that I have not really been out since getting rid of Sports Guy. So unlike me.

Additional note

Monday's suck. I got up this morning only to discover that my car wouldn't start. Then the roadside service folks said that it would take one hour for a tow truck to show up to give me a jump. By that time I would have been late for work. Fortunately BART is convenient to me and I can actually get to work that way. It's just that on Monday I'm usually pretty loaded down with stuff. So now I'm home and it's time to deal with the car. *sigh*

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  1. I may have to check out that Robin Thicke album. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Oh and STAY EVIL! It's more fun.