Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Coming out of hibernation

...or how I needed a lot of stuff.

Monday I decided that I was ready to face the world. Actually I think it was Natasha who told me to get out. Something about how I was pleasant company and all but that she was used to having the bed to herself in the daytime. Besides I need to start facing the world again if I hope to head out to Tomales later this week. Because as much as I love the place, there is not a wealth of folks that look like me out that way. Which made me a bit apprehensive the first time I headed there alone. But the people? Really warm and accepting.

My first stop with my money was B&N. I really needed a copy of The Problem Child. Just like I really needed the two cookbooks I found in the bargain books section. I may have to read the Sisters Grimm book slowly though since the next one is not due out until May.

Then it was off to BevMo because I really needed a couple of bottles of Reds. But I was foiled. There was no Reds to be found in the store. And it wasn't until after I left that I remembered the Avalon Cabernet Sauvignon. Maybe I'll have to go back there later in the week.

Next stop was Chipotle -- carnitas burrito. And then I did the real monetary damage -- Andronico's. Because the crack cheese was calling to me and I was too lazy to head cross town to Berkeley Bowl where I can get my crack cheese at a lower price. I was also craving the curry chicken salad but alas they were out of it. So I settled on two different kinds of pate. And brie stuffed with cranberries and honey butter. And a bottle of pinot noir as well as a bottle of orange muscat. And then I really needed the raspberry chiffon cake from Rubicon. Because I was planning on getting a quart of Haagen Dazs vanilla and the apple struedel was almost gone at home and what else was I going to eat with the ice cream. Besides all proceeds go to support their programs. And what can be better than a delicious dessert from folks with a social conscience?

After filling my gut with lots of goodies (Which was really a shame because while out shopping I caught my reflection in a store window and realized that for the first time in weeks, I looked like I actually had a waist. Well, I've always had a waist but I think this one is the one I vaguely remember from age 30.), I decided to take the big plunge for the evening. Yep. I was going to head down the street to my usual spot. I hadn't been there since meeting Sports Guy there. It was time to remove his taint from the place. And I decided to live dangerously by walking. Because this would mean that I would have to pass the two places that he hangs on a daily basis. But damnit! This was my town long before it was his. And I know how to cause a big ugly scene if necessary.

But then I ate too much and my bed started calling to me. I awoke around 9 p.m. Somehow Boris had managed to oust Natasha from her usual spot while I was asleep. I realized that I could still go out. Then the cake started calling to me. Besides Monday is not one of the nights for my favorite bartender. Such a lovely example of melanin-challenged eye candy. And now you know the real reason why I go there. That and the fact that he often yells a greeting to me as soon as I enter. And then gives me a hug. And puts lots of limes in my drink. And occasionally gives me drinks for free. And sometimes lets me stick around after hours. So I'm thinking I'll hold off until Wednesday night when I know he'll be around. And then there's all the other eye candy. Who will buy me drinks if I smile and talk nicely to them. (Didn't I tell you that this assimilation thing is tough?) But maybe I'll get wild and crazy and venture out tonight.

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  1. That was some shopping trip. No wonder you didn't make it out of bed.