Sunday, October 16, 2005

My day (literally)

My day started early with a phone call from my dad at something like 7:30 a.m. asking if I wanted to go with his friend to a football game. My dad should have known better. I have never really been a football fan. Now if it had been baseball, I probably would not have minded the call as much.

Then my mother called. The first question was why I didn't take any leftovers home with me last night. The next was whether I was heading over today. Ummmm. I was just there last night. Nope.

Third call was from the niece of an aunt by marriage. She is visiting a friend in this area before she heads for Hawaii tomorrow. I had no intention of getting in my car so seeing her was out of the question as well.

What I did do:

1) Watched chick flicks on cable -- When Harry Met Sally and Here on Earth.

2) Went shopping at Andronico's where I managed to resist everything in the cheese case. (Yes, I did actually walk past it.) I was not there for cheese but for Twinings tea and Schweppes, both of which were on sale. I don't think you can have too much of either.

3) Unloaded groceries at home and did some light cleaning. Now the kittens can kick more litter out on the floor around the litterboxes.

4) Much to the kittens's dismay, I quickly headed back out the door to make it to the theater just in time to see the previews before settling in to watch Elizabethtown. I had to see it. I have always been a huge fan of Cameron Crowe. Just sent an email to my ex because I am sure he has seen it and I needed to discuss it with someone.

Previews are a big part of my moving going experience. I hate going to the movies with my mom because we usually miss some of the previews when we arrive. She also believes in talking through the previews and the first ten or so minutes of the movie -- about stuff not related to what is on screen. If you are going to talk to me, let it be about what is on-screen. Otherwise, shut up.

The other thrill was having popcorn, red vines, and cherry coke. I don't buy soda at home except to use as a mixer. The one place in which I will allow myself to have soda without alcohol is the movie theater.

5) Came back home with plans of cooking dinner but then realized that I was kind of full from the popcorn and red vines. We're having Indian summer around here though. Therefore, I decided that there is nothing wrong with a mojito while I debate the dinner thing. (Picked up the ingredients on my shopping foray.)

Perhaps it sounds boring. The cool thing for me was I got to spend the whole day doing exactly what I wanted to do instead of trying to make someone else happy. I don't do this nearly enough. I might have to schedule in more days like this in the future.

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