Friday, October 7, 2005

Why can't there be 30 hours in a day?

I feel as if I have been remiss in posting over this past week. Perhaps it's because I have been. I suppose that is a good thing because it means that I have been busy.

The whirlwind of activity started last Saturday. My cousin, who already has a cute little boy, is expecting a little girl around the end of this month. Her sister-in-law threw her a baby shower last Saturday afternoon. All I can say is that all of the little girl stuff was just too precious for words. I think I will have to borrow the kid occasionally. (I have decided at this point in my life that there is no need to have children of my own if I can occasionally borrow kids from friends and relatives.)

Then it was off to change clothes to go to a retirement party for my real dad. My mother takes entirely too long to get ready so we missed the cocktail hour. Thankfully there was wine with dinner. Dad worked for a car manufacturer so the party was held at the Blackhawk Automotive Museum. There were so many lovely cars there. Oh, and the food was delish as well. The surprise was that the company was not paying for the party. Apparently they do not believe in retirement parties. Instead a number of dad's customers (he worked in sales) paid for the party. They also provided the gift -- a membership to the Pipe Club of London and a one-week trip for mom and dad to London. Dad will get to be a guest of the club during their trip. He has been an avid pipe smoker for as long as I can remember and says that he may open a shop now that he is retired.

One would think that that would be enough for a single weekend but no. I had to go out on Sunday to explore the neighborhood. It was time for the Third Annual Spice of Life Festival. Lots of food, crafts, and music. And all within walking distance of home. I would have taken photos but then my mom would have asked why. Then she would have asked, "What is a blog?" In other words, too much trouble. Perhaps next year.

The rest of the week has been spent at work. I got a new boss on Monday. Don't ask how many it has been in the last year. I think I am starting to lose count. There are electricians here today doing a bunch of rewiring and making lots of noise. I cannot wait for tomorrow afternoon. (I have to work tomorrow so my weekend doesn't really start until about 3 p.m. tomorrow.) I do know that I will have a couple of interesting things coming up though.

Tomorrow evening this post-doc I know is having a cocktail party. Well, at least my neighbor says it's a cocktail party. I know what to wear too. My mom talked me into buying this Jones New York silk chiffon dress last weekend. Actually there wasn't a great deal of arm-twisting involved. It was my size and it had been marked down from $150 to $26. It seemed like a no-brainer. (Yes, Gloria, in my next post I will be sure to include a photo.) Next week a woman I know from Tribe will be in town. I think she is coming for the Bioneers convention. It should be interesting to talk to her as she has just returned home to New Orleans from the Dallas area. Oh, and she's a chef. A bit further off is a class I have to attend for work. It seems that I am being "forced" to go to San Diego at the end of November.

Stay tuned for party details...

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