Thursday, October 4, 2007

Change is around the corner...

or at least it is in my mind.

I am not a huge fan of sandwiches. There are exceptions -- the chicken salad at Poulet and the Cobb at Specialty's. (Actually just about anything at Specialty's is good. They bake their own bread.) Then again, I normally don't have roasts around. And so yesterday, I added one more task to my list of things to do around town. Like going to pick up a copy of The First Assistant (I read The Second Assistant on Tuesday.), dropping off shoes at the shoe repair, and getting a pedicure. There was a wait for the pedicure so I just headed down the street to Cheeseboard. Because if you're going to have a sandwich, it may as well be on freshly baked bread. And then I had my pedicure. Followed by a wonderful lunch.

Before the sandwich, check out this bread. Greek Shepherd Bread. I just wasn't sure if the mint would work with all the flavors in this bread.

The lamb sandwich.

It's based on this recipe but I added grilled red onions to it. And there was no hummus. And I didn't grill the bread because I still have some issues with biting into things. The bread? Rosemary and sea salt focaccia. And I reheated some of the zucchini patties to go with the sandwich. To give you an idea of how little I really eat, I was able to finish two of the patties and about half of the sandwich. Washed down with a Limonata.

I had thought of doing more cooking but then I entered a food coma. And while in the coma, I reveled over the fact that I could walk to a bookstore, a shoe repair, a nail salon and a bakery all within a matter of blocks. There's no way possible that I'm moving if I can help it.

Why all this urgency? Because suddenly folks are calling me. I had an interview on Monday and I have one scheduled for today. Funny thing. The two jobs for which I applied in the last month that were the most memorable are the two that wanted to interview me. The Monday folks had said that they would get back to me yesterday; I had figured that it would probably be more like the end of the week in my mind so I'm not completely stressed yet. Because it was a great interview. And I just know that I'll kick ass at the one today as well. And because I like to function on anxiety, I keep playing in my mind the scenario that I am offered both jobs. And then I tell myself that I need to relax and worry about it if and when it happens.

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