Thursday, October 11, 2007

The kitchen is closed

Well, just temporarily. It seems that my freezer is overflowing as well as the fridge itself. I had all hopes of posting more food today but couldn't quite make it to the kitchen in the last 24 hours except for juice and reheating leftovers in the microwave. Why I barely made it out the door for my tutoring session yesterday. And the scary thing is that my motivation for leaving was not the cash but the idea of dropping my Netflix rentals in a mailbox that still had a pickup for the day. Because that's how pathetic my life has become. And speaking of pathetic ...

In the evening I often like to listen to music. I wear headphones so I don't disturb the neighbors too much. In days of old, this was my way of de-stressing. It allowed me to shut out the outside world completely and just roll around in my mind.

The danger is that I sometimes like to chair dance. And I own two cats. The number of injuries that I have suffered as a result are countless. Fortunately it is usually Boris who feels the need to play. (His claws are less painful than Natasha's. I swear Natasha is a relative of some sort because her claws are super strong like my nails. Guaranteed to draw large amounts of blood.) In recent months I have even toyed with the idea of starting a non-profit for the benefit of the victims of "cat love." (Yes, this idea came to me very late at night. The danger of being unemployed and single.) And so I leave you with this image.

Grooving to Crystal Waters.
"Gypsy Woman."

And the thought that I am trying to straighten out my life. Yes, for the most part I am fearless. But right now I am trying to figure out if I am ready to take one of the scariest leaps I could take. If I do, then I'll let you know about my landing.

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