Monday, October 22, 2007

Pants on fire

Last week I told myself that it was time to start clearing the freezer as there was no room left in there. This was compounded by my mother's departure last week. I now understand why I have so many condiments. At least once a year, my mother leaves town and I get the contents of her fridge and freezer.

So it all started innocently. I was just going to get some avocados to go with the mahi-mahi I already had. (Oh, and m, couscous does go wonderfully with the fish.) And then a little voice told me that it would be OK to cruise past the seafood counter. Where there were shrimp on sale. So I just had to get some. But what to do with them? I wasn't quite in the mood for jambalaya. After a little searching, I came up with this.

Gingered shrimp with Asian noodles.

I'm not sure if I would go with the noodles again, but I loved the flavors of the shrimp. Also what you see on the platter is supposed to be two servings. Once more I must ask, "Who are these people?"

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