Monday, October 8, 2007

This has to stop

Saturday evening I had a discussion with my mother about food. She said, "You certainly have been doing quite a bit of cooking over the last couple of weeks. Why is it? Because you can't afford to go out?" If only it was that simple.

The cooking madness began when I thought that I was going to return to my old job. I remembered the crazy hours that I worked and how I ate a lot of crap. Ever since the cooking frenzy has started, I have noticed that my clothes fit a great deal better. I added that this might also have to do with the fact that I end up walking to the grocery store a few times a week. And then things didn't work out with the old job. And I was starting to tire of daytime TV. And my eyes can only stand reading for a certain number of hours each day. So how else could I fill my time?

Now I need to slow down. I am running out of room in the freezer. And I've gone through just about all the storage containers that I have. It's time to start enjoying the bounty. In a week or so.

Saturday I realized that I had some zucchini left over from my purchase for the patties. Even though the patties were great, they were too recent a memory. I wanted something different.

Zucchini bread.

Of course, this necessitated a trip to the store because somehow I had run out of flour. I am greatly concerned that I would let that happen.

And then I remembered that I needed to make the new batch of the Eggplant-Tomato Curry.

And while Friday's lamb was tasty, this got me to thinking. Because I knew that by Sunday, I would probably be ready to freeze any lamb that was left. (The roast had already made it into the freezer, along with the veggies.) So I added a few more items to the list for Saturday.

Sunday morning I thought that I was all set but nooooo. There was still the matter of the spinach in the fridge. It had originally been slated for a Mediterranean dish of Spinach with a Spicy Yogurt Sauce. But why not one of my favorite spinach dishes instead?

Saag paneer.

At first I thought that I would have to make the paneer, but then I remembered the nearby Andronico's. They had it in the cheese section for about the same price as all that milk would have cost me. I think next time that I'll use half of the amount of onion called for in the recipe as it almost seemed like more onion than spinach. And I think I finally understand the difference between saag and palak. If I am not mistaken, saag is chopped spinach while palak is pureed spinach.

Check in tomorrow for the rest of the meal. Yes, there's more.

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