Friday, October 26, 2007

Eleven hours

B&N are slowly adjusting to the idea of my working once more. Last night Natasha howled at the front door. She's normally not very vocal. I am guessing that she was demonstrating what she did while I was gone during the day. Because Natasha now gets up every morning when I do. This from a creature who would sleep until 9 a.m. or later when I was home all day. And tonight I double-parked while waiting for parking. Boris was already stationed in the window. I assume he said something to Natasha because she joined him shortly. Once I got a space, they quickly disappeared from the window so that they could greet me at the door. I still find the whole thing kind of strange.

So. Eleven hours. That's how many hours of unviewed shows were sitting on my DVR when I got home from work tonight. That would be at 6 p.m. because thankfully my commute is only one hour each way. Trust me. One hour is good. Years ago I had a commute of an hour and a half -- and that was only if there weren't any accidents or other mishaps on the road. My favorite mishap to this day is when a sewage truck dumped raw sewage on the freeway. Ewwww! By then, I was well aware of my alternate routes and so it only took me two hours to get to work.

And speaking of work. Yes, I am working as a temp. I like where I'm working. And more importantly, they seem to like me as well. The agency explained to me that this job had the potential of becoming a regular (Never use the word "permanent." Permanent implies a contract. And California is an at-will state.) position. After three days, I want to say, "Yes," but I think that I should give it some more time so that I can be sure. Of course, I am sure that even after some more time, I will have the same feeling.

Yesterday my mother asked me how I was sure that they liked me. I was told on my first day that the other temp had to go because she was a bit too "abrasive" at times. Apparently my valley girl voice isn't because my boss then stated that he didn't see that happening with me because already I sounded much more pleasant. Yesterday I think I discovered the definition of abrasive. I speak with the assistant for the president of the company on a daily basis. Yesterday she made it clear that she did not like the last temp. From what I've heard the woman acted in a way that was rather contrary. Tell her one thing and be assured that she would do the exact opposite. But I knew that I had already won folks over when the assistant asked me why I was temping. I explained to her that I was temping while looking for a regular position. She then said, "We have open positions here, including the job that you are doing currently. The other open position is as my assistant. I'm going to retire in three to four years. At that time, my assistant would take over my job. Do you have a resume? You should give it to me so that I can set up a meeting for you with the president." So yeah, I think they like me.

I wouldn't want that position though. The group for whom I work are pretty chill. Yes, they work hard but all that they expect from me is that I do what is required in a timely manner. So what if there is occasional downtime? Right now I have been spending it understanding the work and processes better. And trying to create systems so that we can all work more efficiently.

And so now I'm feeling OK because when I left tonight, they all said, "See you on Monday."

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