Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Little food

Sunday I toured the Spice of Life Festival. One of the highlights, at least for me, was all the wonderful food. Wonderful food that had been cooked by other people.

Monday I awoke early but quickly returned to bed due to the temperature. I only have a gas wall heater. Oh, and there's no thermostat for it. That means that there are often some very cold times in my apartment in the fall and winter. So I found myself in bed waiting for things to warm up while watching Hugh Laurie on "Inside the Actor's Studio." And I thought about food.

On Sunday, Hilly asked about snacks. I don't really snack these days. Probably because when I do, I can't stop myself due to dissatisfaction. Now I find it's easier to pinpoint what it is that I actually want and then get it. Even if it means that I am absolutely starving by the time I make up my mind.

Now there are times when I have a number of conflicting thoughts as to food. Thankfully I subscribe to Gloria's idea of little food and so I started to make a list before setting out. I was afraid that I would get home only to discover that I had missed that one item that I really needed. Just to be sure, I pulled out all of my takeout menus and looked some up on the internet. The list started innocently enough but then began to grow.

Recently I have become obsessed with the samosas from the KP Deli on Shattuck.

But they don't have pakoras so that meant a stop at Khana Peena on Oxford.

And dessert! There had to be cardamom gelato from Naia.

Because Monday usually means carrot cake at Poulet. But this Monday it was apple rhubarb strawberry galette.

And then a stop at May Flower on University for pork buns and shrimp dumplings.

On a side note, one day I will have to make it over to an old childhood favorite, King Tsin on Solano, as I see that they too now serve dim sum all day.

And I've been entranced by the potato puffs from Gregoire since this summer.

It was supposed to end there but then I caught sight of the hamachi sashimi at Kirala 2 while waiting for my potato puffs.

Perhaps I am feeling just a wee bit hormonal. Doesn't matter though because now I'm just one happy camper. Why? Because I have leftovers of everything except for the sashimi and the galette.

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