Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Coming clean

So I kind of fibbed when I said that I watched How to Get the Guy on Monday. It was on but I didn't really watch it. Last night while waiting for Janice Dickinson to come on, I decided to actually watch the episode since I had saved it on DVR. My fave line? "A first date without a kiss is just an appointment." I think I might actually watch the show in the future if I can come away with gems like that.

I did play with the phone some more too. I was able to load approximately 50 songs on it. I also decided to subscribe to the "Name That Tune" game because you can win ringtones. Let me tell you I totally rock the 80s category.

The foot is getting better. I refuse to believe that it is plantar fasciitis as Jade does. That would mean several months of non-cute shoes. I am sorry but I have been dreaming about my sandal collection for months.

Now I have to get back to shopping. Heather was kind enough to share that Kate Spade is having a sample sale. I just have to decide which bag I really need.

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