Monday, June 26, 2006

I thought wisdom came with age

Obviously I was mistaken. Thursday night I was a tad bored which is always a bad thing. I came up with the brilliant idea that my birthday started at midnight so I headed out. Oh, and the band that night was playing bossa nova, some of my absolute favorite music. Yes, I had fun but I paid for it on Friday.

I spent all day Friday at training and then had to drive to the airport to pick up my mother. To say that I was dead tired would be an understatement. On the whole drive my mother chattered on and on. I just wanted to tell her, "Shut up already." As promised we went to dinner -- her choice. My mom, besides being a control freak, is also queen of the 'burbs. Her choice for dinner? Outback Steakhouse. Then she announced that all she wanted was soup. I ordered my usual rack of lamb for which I was chastised. I had the audacity to order it medium rare -- about as done as I like meat. My mother wanted me to order it medium because she was hoping to eat some of my food. After all of that, I headed home and got in around 10. Before I lost my mind on Thursday night, my original plan had been to head out on Friday. I had to be at work at 9 on Saturday though. Seeing how tired I was, I decided it would be for the best if I went straight to bed. I already had plans with Jade and Emerald for Saturday night.

After going to training on Saturday morning, I came home for a nice nap. Then it was time to head out. My first thought of clothing was the leather pants. I just couldn't commit to a top to go with though. I ended up going with that cute dress that I picked up last fall instead. The important thing was that whatever I chose had to go with the bag. Oh, and strappy sandals so I could sprain my foot all over again. I tried to take a photo of the shoes while I was out but it was too dark.

We -- Jade, Emerald, this Spanish woman who works with Jade, and I -- started off at T-Rex. Our joke is that we are working our through the restaurants owned by these folks. Not only do they have tasty food but they also have tasty cocktails. The Sidecars were just what I needed after Friday with my mother. And they have fabulous mac and cheese as well. Jade said that she wouldn't recommend the place for a date but that's because she has issues with eating in front of guys. Well, she used to. Now she's been married for 12 years so I think she's kind of over it. Jade is probably what Eddie Murphy would have called a "salad bitch." ("No, I'm not really hungry. I'll just have a salad." Then the woman proceeds to eat half the food off the man's plate.) I have never been one of those. My male relatives will ask if I am sick if I eat anything less than a linebacker would.

After dinner, we headed over to Emeryville to hit Kitty's. Now this was a big deal because I have not been able to get Jade to go out to a club for a number of years. She has been saying that she will not go to a club until she gets her club body back. In her effort to obtain that effort she has been doing Jenny Craig and is about halfway to her goal. Back to Kitty's. I had been hearing a great deal about the place and have been wanting to check it out. Emerald has been there before for happy hour since she works in the area. Actually Kitty's was her suggestion. I think Emerald is fantastic because even though she is married and has a kid, she does not insist on acting like she has died.

Now the fun of heading out with the married folks is that they are always ready to head in early. Correction. Jade is always ready to head in early. I sometimes find it hard to believe that she used to be able to hang with me until the wee hours of the morning. And being the true friend that I am, I always held her hair. But Kitty's is a fab place because it brought out the old partygirl in Jade. Emerald and I had wanted to try the Ginger Mojitos but they were out of ginger. Can you imagine? We do recommend the Bees Knees though. (I think that was the name of the cocktail. Things are getting a little foggy.) We ended up meeting this group of lovely Ethiopian men. What is it about that country that they just turn out the most beautiful people? One of the guys gave me crap about my shoes -- something about tall women like myself and his sisters who insist upon wearing heels. He asked, "Why?" There is only one response. "Because we can." So I spent the evening standing well over 6' because I was wearing 4" heels. I also love that I was able to stand -- heck, dance -- in them all evening. Emerald and I ended up leaving her there on the dancefloor. Emerald needed to head home. I needed to move to a place a little closer to home. Did I mention that the wenches made me drive? Sheesh. When I told my aunt from Savannah this, she reminded me of her family's nickname for me -- The Diva. I explained to her that divas are not born but are made.

At my usual spot, I made Nicole sing "Crazy" for me because she was already doing country. There's nothing like a little Patsy toward the end of the evening. I also had to keep ducking this drunk Irish boy. He kept insisting that I kiss him. I did not have that many cocktails.

Somehow on Sunday I woke up around 9 a.m. So wrong in so many ways. By noon I felt that I had been up all day. By 1 p.m. I started thinking that perhaps I should head out again. Then I came to my senses and spent the day just relaxing. I even managed to tell my mother no when she called asking me to do things for her. So maybe I have gotten a little smarter over the years because 10 years ago I would have gone out again.

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