Thursday, June 29, 2006

The season continues

On Monday night I got home from work and suddenly had a taste for Cesar's. I emailed my neighbor but she said that she needed to go to the gym and was broke. I mentioned that it would be my treat; I was just looking for company. She had to decline because I think she is obsessed with the gym these days. I then called my bar friend. Apparently she had left work early due to raging cramps. She pointed out that she would not be pleasant company. I told her to take some ibuprofen and to give me a call the next day.

Now there is nothing worse than having a food craving and not being able to fulfill it. Nothing in my fridge was appealing in the least -- especially since it would mean that I would actually have to prepare it. Finally I dragged myself over to Triple Rock. I cannot tell you enough times how much I love their burgers and fries. Oh, and the fact that you get a selection of four -- yes, four -- mustards. The fries are the thin ones with just the right amount of crispness. I am making myself salivate just thinking of them. One day I will remember to take a photo of the burgers for y'all but whenever I go there all I can think is, "Eat!" as soon as the food hits the table. So burger, fries, and a pint. Then there was the guy who I met. Because I guess it's really hot to see a woman wolfing down a half-pound burger.

Bar friend called me on Tuesday. She was feeling much better so we were on for Cesar's. Then new boy called. Wanted to know if I was interested in going to dinner. Told him Wednesday worked for me. Because that's how you win me over. Buy me food.

Cesar's was packed per usual. The hostess told us it would be a 10-15 minute wait for a table. The wait was more like 30 minutes. Then we were seated. It took the server about another 10 minutes to come by for drink orders. We were not happy girls at this point. Lucky for them the food is tasty. Otherwise it could have been real ugly. We had the smoked salmon with asparagus, a warm salad of shrimp and bread, the fried potatoes, and some other salad. Once more there are no photos because by the time we actually got food, I was about ready to go into a coma. But like I said the food was good as was the company. We chatted about loser guys who we know, like Retail Boy. When we finished off the evening, she said that this was the best date she had had in a long time -- which was kind of a sad thing. I told her that I understood the feeling.

But then I woke up Wednesday and was kind of hopeful. Because I had a date. With a guy who actually could think to call and to make plans. That alone was a great improvement over some of the ones I have met recently. And the date actually went really well. Maybe that's because he's a grown-up. We went to dinner at Taste of the Himalayas. I absolutely love Indian food and this place was great. I am looking forward to eating my leftovers later today.

Ah, and there's the sad point. I don't have dinner plans for tonight. I guess I should try to stay in the occasional evening.

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