Friday, June 9, 2006

The good, the bad and the clueless

I liked Bet Me so much that I decided to try another book by the same author. On Monday I went to return Bet Me and a couple of other books to the library. While there, I picked up Crazy for You. It features the epitome of the clueless male. This guy makes most of the guys I have ever met seem pretty aware. Part of the fun in reading the book this week has been in thinking to myself every now and then, "Is this guy ever going to catch a clue?" Ah. It's good to get a reminder that life could be worse.

This weekend was supposed to be a girls' night out but Emerald has other things to do -- like shopping for a new car. Actually the whole thing was Jade's idea. Now it looks like it will be just me. Somehow Jade cannot go out if it is just the two of us.

I suddenly had an epiphany. I have spent years trying to figure out that whole dynamic. Jade has always been the more verbal of our group but now she's gained all the weight from having the kids. When we were in college, we were about the same size and I lived in her shadow because she had a bigger personality than I do. Emerald and I have discussed this. Emerald feels that she lives in my shadow and has never thought that she is beautiful. About ten years ago I told her that she wa being ridiculous. Her skin tone is flawless. It makes me jealous. She was just brainwashed by folks in L.A. that being darker complected is a bad thing. (Excuse me if I seem to have problems typing. I am listening to Jill Scott at the same time so I periocically lose my train of thought. Emerald's fave Jill Scott line is, "Do you want some money, baby? How 'bout some chicken wings? Do you want some fish and grits? Hurry and come get it." She swears she's going to use it at work some time.) So Emerald may be darker than I am but she has flawless skin. And she has a husband who loves her unconditionally. I know this for a fact because before they were married and were just living together, I spent a lot of time sleeping on their couch. Emerald would go to sleep and her now-husband and I would stay up chatting and drinking. His worst fear in life is that she would leave him. So he is not amongst the clueless. Well, except for that one time he was trying to cheer me up. He thought that it would cheer me to hear that he thought that I was cool and that if he wasn't with his wife, he would be trying to hook up with me. Needless to say our relationship has been rather strained since that conversation.

So in the meantime I am waiting around for the delivery of my new cellphone. Oh yeah. And I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. Like what Jen would remember because over the past few months its been shorter than that. I am all about the OPH.

And on that note, I am going back to my Jill Scott and dream about a guy who would make me sing those words. However, most of the time I am left feeling like this. (And if you have never heard the song, you should check it out. I love how the musical style changes right before the third verse.) OK. That's not reality. The reality is that most of the time I feel this or this. OK. So it's mostly the last one. Or maybe it's this.

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