Monday, August 14, 2006

Easily distracted

I had all these plans for Friday night -- cleaning and laundry. Then Grasshopper called. She was in need of a burger from Triple Rock. So of course I had to go meet her. Then it was off to the pub. I told myself that I would leave early. Then I got into conversation with a cute and charming guy. So much for leaving early.

I overslept on Saturday and when I called into work, they said they didn't need me anyway. So I was supposed to be cleaning and doing laundry. But I really didn't feel like it. There was lots of cheesy TV viewing. Don't ask me what I watched because I can't even remember. There was something lacking in this procrastination, though, so I went flipping through the directory of my cellphone.

You can warm up the tar and break out the feathers now. I called the Child. Because he's fun to talk to. Well, and he's also 6'4" and kind of cute. We met at the pub and talked about all kinds of stuff -- including the huge age difference. We agreed that we would just keep hanging out until one of us gets tired of it all.

Sunday rolled around and I actually got some cleaning done. No laundry but there was some cleaning. Then Grasshopper called. She needed chocolate. She was going to call me once she hit downtown. After a few hours, I called her. She had already had chocolate and had moved onto Guinness. There was only one answer to that. I had to join her. When I arrived at the pub, she was working on a Guinness and talking to this group of three guys. There also was a new bartender. All four guys asked if I was the other one who commanded the corner seats along with Grasshopper. Well, duh. As I was sipping my second Chimay, I felt someone tap on my back. It was Chef Guy. I told him about the change in my work schedule for the next week. He swore that he would call me about dinner. We'll see.

There probably won't be much partying this week. I found out on Friday afternoon that I have to go to a training class all this week. That means I have to be there at 8 a.m. every morning. I think that's why it was so easy for me to say OK to Grasshopper on Friday. And so now I'm back to waking up before the sun rises as opposed to just coming in at this hour. That just shows you how much I love my job. Because I am definitely not a morning person. I guess summer is finally over.

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