Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Now that I've scared all the men away

I think that perhaps the men read the title on my last post and thought, "What? Where are the tales of partying?" They were there. They just had to read past the title. Oh well.

Well, my time at the University is winding down. I have desperately wanting a certain t-shirt since May. Yesterday I received it. I also told the student who dropped it off that I would try to come back for visits. We'll see.

The front...

and the back.

Oh, and this was one of my purchases from Target. I couldn't resist since it was only $1. I haven't even checked yet to see if the thing actually works. But who cares because it only cost $1.

Doesn't everyone need a tabletop disco ball?

And finally, here is an update on the cats. I had pulled the boxes out of the closet so I could get the material I'll need for the school year out. Still don't know grade I'll be teaching. Either 5th or 6th. Wish they'd hurry up and tell me because I've never taught 5th so that will require a lot more prep time.

A rarity. B&N actually getting along.

I've been taking it easy so far this week but I'm hoping to make it into San Francisco for lunch today. The important thing is that I have to go into work early since I will be in no condition to work after lunch.

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