Thursday, August 17, 2006

I want sleep

This week has been pretty uneventful. Each day I get up at crack of dawn so that I can go to my training class. The state of California has an official reading textbook for grades K-6. Apparently one must attend a week of training in order to use these materials properly. Oh, and there is homework too. It's OK though. I will need the hours for professional development when I am ready to renew my credential.

When I finish there, I head over to the University for my final week of work there. What kind of stuff have I been doing there? Lots of cutting and pasting -- literally. Because the powers that be have decided that I really need to do these projects before leaving. OK. Let someone else have the thrill of returning the huge stack of library books.

Today might be a little different though. I set my alarm a little early so that I could finish last night's homework. As I was contemplating getting up, things started moving. Apparently it was only a 2.9 though. *sigh* This is the most awake I have been without the aid of caffeine all week.

Is it Friday yet?

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