Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Career choices

It dawned on me that I did not post a quiz on Saturday. This is the one that I meant to post and now it seems even more fitting.

Your Career Type: Investigative

You are precise, scientific, and intellectual.
Your talents lie in understanding and solving math and science problems.

You would make an excellent:

Architect - Biologist - Chemist
Dentist - Electrical Technician - Mathematician
Medical Technician - Meteorologist - Pharmacist
Physician - Surveyor - Veterinarian

The worst career options for you are enterprising careers, like lawyer or real estate agent.

So glad to see that I was right about that law school thing all those years ago. Now would someone please tell my mother? Oh, but do not tell her about the physician thing please.

And why was this a fitting quiz? It looks like I will be back to teaching elementary school. This morning I had a job interview and immediately following the interview, I headed over to HR to sign my contract for the school year. 'Cause I'm just that good.

In celebration, and also my dropping iron level, I headed over to Triple Rock after doing time at the University.

Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone but one of their best-kept secrets is the roof garden.

And look, Gloria. I remembered to take a photo of the burger this time. It's the Blue Rock -- smoked bacon, grilled red onion, and Maytag blue cheese.

Sticking to the pomegranate craze, I had the pomegranate cider.

I thought I was finished with pictures at this point but then I just knew that I had to include this one for Daniel.

See no evil. Hear no evil. Feel no evil. Monkey Head Arboreal Ale.

The joy of having time off in the afternoon. The only one of my friends who is not working at this time of day is Jade. However, she is frequently busy with other things. Don't ask me what. It's a mystery to me.

So tomorrow, it's back to the usual. Hanging out with Grasshopper for our "show." And now? Sun and pints? It's naptime.

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