Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nothing like the boys of summer to cure ya

So the baseball game was loads of fun on Monday night. So much fun that I may be going to Friday's game as well.

This week has been filled with meetings and discussions. I love this school district. They are truly committed to making changes so that the kids can be successful. It's not just lip service. Yesterday I spoke to the new art consultant for the district and volunteered to be one of her model classrooms. She has this whole plan for integrating the performing and visual arts into the curriculum -- something about which I feel passionately. Yesterday I also heard about the kind of field trips that the kids in my grade normally take as well as this other fun project. Apparently one of the local businesses partners with the kids in my grade to help them create their own films. How cool is that? Right now I can't imagine ever wanting to leave this district.

Last night Grasshopper called to ask about heading to the pub tonight. I tried to tell her that my schedule is pretty crazy this week and that I did not think I would be going anywhere. I don't think she heard me. She wants me to come along because she is meeting one of her guy's from HellSpace and he is supposed to be bringing a friend. Ummm. No. I know she's going to call back tonight so I guess I'll just be blunt then.

I guess I should start thinking about getting ready to get out of here soon. We have the first of two fun-filled days of discussing equity issues.

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