Thursday, August 2, 2007


I have been bonding with my freezer and my microwave. Tuesday I ate a package of TJ's Mac 'n' Cheese. Thank you, Heather, for bringing this tasty treat to my attention. I probably should have eaten more but I really didn't have an appetite.

Yesterday I was actually hungry. But I didn't have the energy to cook. And then I remembered that I had more treats in the freezer.

Crab and mushroom quiche.

I believe it also contains parmesan cheese, Italian parsley, and a little nutmeg. Whatever the combo, it was tasty once I defrosted it. And yeah, I had some difficulty getting it out of the pan as evidenced by the missing crust. But that's OK because the crust was overdone since I forgot to wrap it when I was baking. I don't really like plain crust anyway and rarely eat it.

Today I may be up for cooking. We'll see.

I had thought of posting a photo of my still swollen and bruised eye but decided that would be too icky of me.

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