Sunday, August 19, 2007

Last night a DJ saved my life

OK. So it wasn't really last night. But a DJ did help to get me in better frame of mind.

I left yesterday morning after having a chat with Grasshopper about how I had hit my limit. I timed the chat so that I was ready to leave as soon as I had finished.

Then it was off to BWB's for the Commander's birthday party. And I was in a foul mood. Suddenly I realized that there was no music in the car so I turned the radio on. And what would you know. One station was playing Cypress Hill's "How I Could Just Kill a Man." It seemed fitting so I cranked it. I wasn't too into the next song so I searched for CDs. What I really needed next was some Rage Against the Machine. Maybe even some Limp Bizkit. Or Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir." Instead I had to settle on Pearl Jam's "Jeremy." I'm sure I entertained the other drivers quite a bit.

After hiding out at BWB's, I finally decided to face the music and to return home. No one was in except for Boris and Natasha. But there were signs that things had been removed. Within the hour, the pair returned to claim the rest of their stuff. They will be staying in a motel for now. And Grasshopper said that she understood, that sometimes he drives her completely nuts. We promised that one day we would finish watching the second season of Hex.

This has all been hard for me because I really dislike confrontation. It makes me more uncomfortable than just about anything. I avoid it like a plague. And as a result, I usually hold stuff in until it festers and I explode. Or I just behave in a passive aggressive manner. But this time I actually walked straight in to the situation. And at least yesterday I had given myself time to cool down so that I could be completely rational. And I stated what I didn't like and why. I stated my expectations. For the first time in my life, I think I truly stood up for myself. And in the end, it wasn't that bad. Well, at least the cats and I are a lot happier.

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