Friday, August 3, 2007


Last fall Grasshopper rode with me to my mom's house one Sunday afternoon. I had already told her that the Drama Queen had boxes of old LPs sitting around the house. In fact after I moved to Berkeley, the Drama Queen told me that I had missed a box of LPs. When I saw the huge box in the hallway, I quickly corrected her. These were LPs that my parents had bought while they were still together for the most part. Her response was that I was welcome to whatever I wanted in the boxes.

Whenever I am over there alone, I forget about the boxes. But Monday? When I was supposed to be assisting with the garage door opener? I checked out one of the boxes in the garage. Not nearly as full as the box inside the house oh, but the stuff it contained. I saw original LPs from the 60s of Aretha, Marvin, The Supremes, The Temptations, and Sly. I carefully, and secretly, sorted these to the top of the stack. And did I mention that the Marvin was his duets with Tammi Terrill? I will go back for them at a later date.

Oh, and no one tell my mom that she is possibly sitting on a gold mine. This is purely a need to know basis and she doesn't need to know.

And yeah, I am starting to feel better.

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