Monday, August 27, 2007

Helping hand?

Sunday, for the first time this summer, my mother went to church. After she decided to catch up with folks. One woman is a retired school principal. My mother told her that I was still looking for a job. As it turns out, she knew of an opening at an OK school. The problem? It's kindergarten. 20 or so knee-biters? I'm not so sure.

Here's the kicker. Last Friday I had a phone interview for a dream job -- still in education but not in the classroom. They are supposed to be contacting me in the next few days to set up a second interview. Because they want whoever they hire to be able to start next week. And yes, my mother knew all of this. Her issue is that the dream job is a contract position. The pay is great but there are no benefits. I have repeatedly told her that they would be paying me enough money that I can pay for my own health insurance and still be ahead of the game.

This morning I called my mother's friend. Of course, my mother had not mentioned the possibility of the other job. And this woman? She agreed with Jade's take on the situation. I'd be a fool to not let it all play out. Because the schools? They will always have openings. This other opportunity could very well be a once in a lifetime chance.

Later today I had an appointment with the oral surgeon for follow-up, but more about that later. Since his office is not that far from the elementary school, I decided to go check it out. I met with the principal and the teacher who will be covering the class for the first few days. We agreed that I would come in tomorrow to observe/help out so that I could get a general feel for the class. They would want me to start work by Friday.

As a result of the visit to the oral surgeon's, the dream job is starting to look even better. Why? Because it seems that I will need another surgery. And the next one? Even more invasive. There was mention of bone removal and needing grafts and other such stuff. Like losing six teeth. He also agreed that at this point the surgery would best be handled medically so he'll be contacting the folks at Thrive on my behalf to get things going. Now we know how long it took me to recover from this last one. All I could think was that it would be difficult to take time off from a classroom job. The other job would allow me to telecommute, if I get it. So my thought was that while I was still looking hideous, I could still actually get some work done.

Decisions. I don't think that 2007 will end soon enough for me.

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