Friday, August 10, 2007

Finally food

Tuesday I had to venture out. My bed hair was beginning to scare me a great deal. The cool thing about getting my hair done is that there's a fish place not that far away, Tuttle's Seafood Garden. After my appointment, I swung by and got dinner for my mother and myself.

Fried catfish and snapper

Extra hushpuppies and greens.

Peach cobbler.

Normally I just get snapper but my mother generally prefers catfish. Not this time. My mother said that the snapper was far better. And the side of hushpuppies? Well, they only give you two with your order and that is not nearly enough. My mother also felt that the peach cobbler was not as good as hers. I don't think that the sweet potato pie in most restaurants is as good as my mother's but it doesn't stop me from eating it. My only regret was that on my way to my mother's, I realized that I should have also gotten some macaroni and cheese.

Yesterday I did leave home after some quality time with my comforter, to walk over to Cesar with a former co-worker. (Sorry. No pictures.) I had a pork chop with marsala sauce and garlic potatoes. My friend had a roasted lamb bocadillo. All was delicious. Especially when washed down with sangria. It also helped to put me in a much better mood. And so now the job search continues.

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