Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Giving into pressure

Monday night I finally gave in and watched "The Closer." And then I fell asleep in the middle of the episode. Probably had something to do with the fact that I had not had my afternoon nap. Yesterday I remembered that I could watch the episode on demand.

And then I felt the need to watch episodes of "Matchmaker" that I had missed. And what the heck. There were four episodes of "The Two Coreys" available. Why didn't anyone twist my arm about that last one? If I had watched that first episode weeks ago, I would never have invited Grasshopper and her boyfriend to stay with me.

Meanwhile I am fighting other temptation. Namely this urge to call that boy. I know I haven't talked about him much on here but things basically ended back in June. Basically we are at different points in our lives right now. Or at least that's what we each perceived. That's what usually happens to me. Meet a perfectly good guy at the wrong time. It was pretty nice to have that person you could call if you were having an exceptionally great day -- or an exceptionally crappy one -- and who would listen. Even more so, on the exceptionally crappy days, not only did he listen but he could understand. Now that is truly a rarity. I had someone like that in my life years ago and kept on thinking that it wouldn't be possible again. Now I know that it is. I might just have to wait another eight or so years for it to happen again.

2007 has been a hard year for me. Family health issues. My own issues -- health and job. OK, and boys too. And it hasn't helped much in inspiring me to look for a job. The thought of heading out and putting on a happy face seems a bit overwhelming at times. And don't mention therapy at this point. My health benefits disappear at the end of this month. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to continue to pay the basic expenses of life -- and health insurance is not included. Then again I will be going to visit the Bank of Dad later this week so who knows.

Oh, and last night I braised some pork with cumin and coriander. Sorry but no pictures. After cooking, I was talking to my neighbor in the hallway about how her cat had killed the mouse in her apartment. A random guy passed by. He could have been a visitor or a new tenant. Anywho. When he passed, he commented, "That smells great." Of course, I already knew that. If all else fails, I have the comfort of food ...

and of the cats.

All I have to do is hold out my arm and Natasha will come over to rub against it. Now if only I could get Natasha to expand her repertoire from killing flies to include killing spiders.

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