Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Getting my craft on

It seems like the theme this week is getting my craft on at work. Thursday night is open house. Therefore I needed the wow factor in my room. The math coach suggested an art project that is related to adding fractions. I spent last night cutting out construction paper shapes in preparation of starting this activity today.

Oh, and then there's the whole art fair theme of open house. It would seem like one of the veteran teachers could have shared this tidbit sooner. It seems that our bulletin boards in the main hallway have to be art displays. Well, that's what I already had up. The problem is that it has to be fresh art. And no two bulletin boards can be the same. The teacher spearheading this endeavor finally left an art book in the staff room last week. I chose Escher and started teaching my kids how to make tessellations yesterday. Please let us have them done by Wednesday at the latest.

And the art work didn't end here. My kids have completed their story for their film. As of yesterday, they started drawing the pictures for the various characters and settings. These will later be animated. And sometime in the next week or so, we will walk the few blocks so that the kids can record the story. But before that, we'll probably do a tour. And I think I'm more excited about that than the kids are. But the really impressive thing? The guy who has been working with my kids said that he shared their story with the story writers at his job. They were impressed. So am I.

Finally this afternoon is the junior version of SnB. Most of the bitching comes in the form of, "But it doesn't look right." I keep bringing my own project but I get very little of it done. I'm hoping that things will change soon.

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