Thursday, May 3, 2007

Some of my favorite things

Last night I had to make a stop at Bevmo. (It's time to start stocking up for my birthday celebration next month.) As I neared home, I noticed that the signal lights weren't working. That could mean only one thing -- power outage. This confused drivers to no end. It's really simple, folks. Lights out at an intersection? Treat it like a four-way stop. Instead I saw folks rolling through without dropping speed in the least. Funny thing is that the lights closest to me were working. This doesn't mean that I had power when I got home. I didn't. This is when I was thankful that I had done all that cooking earlier in the week. I grabbed an artichoke and some hummus and started munching away. By the time I finished the artichoke, there was power again. Not that it mattered though. The main course last night was salad.

This morning I had to rise early due to a promise I made yesterday. I received a jumbo box from Scholastic, including a "How to knit" kit. I had ordered it because I was curious to see what it contained. I ended up teaching a number of girls to cast on. The problem is that the kit contained only one set of needles. Then I remembered the magic box at home. My mother taught me how to knit when I was about 12 or so. Over the years, I have acquired her yarn stash as well as her needles. I found countless balls of acrylic yarn in the box as well as six or so complete sets of needles. I think there's going to be some knitting going on in the next few days. From the questions I received, it looks like it might end up being a bunch of scarves and purses. At least I won't have to supply needles for one girl. She has been working on a scarf at home and I told her that it would be OK if she brought it in today. I guess I should bring my project along as well.

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