Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm feelin' like Dave Chappelle

I went to Sack of Tomatoes to do some work for my dad on Saturday. Part of the reason is that my bank account was looking rather empty and we're only halfway through the month. Now I may not be rich but I once more have disposable income. Enough to warrant a birthday party for myself next month as well as some shopping. (Don't you wish you were on the invite list? Admit it. You know you want to be on the list.)

After the work for my dad, I agreed to follow him south to American Canyon for my former aunt's graduation cookout. Things went south at that point. Like when I was trying to leave and various folks were trying to tell me that I was in no condition to drive. (I was just slightly beyond sober at that point but they had all decided that I was completely trashed.) And yeah, my behavior after the accusations may have made them think that they were right. But how is one to act when five or so people are grabbing at one? And of course, through all of this I had to hear folks say, "But they're only doing this because they care." Care? Where the hell were they the times I in my early 20s I attempted suicide? Hell. They acted like they didn't know me back then. I wanted to write them off back then but my mother wouldn't let me. Of course her reasons were totally selfish. She said that if I wrote them off, she would be blamed.

Sunday was relaxing once more. I had a long talk with my dad, mostly about the number one stress in my life at this time -- my job. As it stands right now, I am more than likely being laid off. I was supposed to have a meeting with the principal about my job status last Friday. No one showed up to cover my class at the appointed time. I then later saw that she had sent me an email earlier in the day questioning why I had missed our on Wednesday. Luckily I still have her note that stated that our meeting was supposed to be on Friday. The meeting has now been rescheduled for this Thursday. All of this makes me feel a little leery given Queenie's comments following her meeting. It seems that the powers that be have decided that they need to replace us with more experienced folks. But if they can't find these folks, it seems as if we might be welcome back. Huh? Kind of sounds like an insult to me.

So after talking to my dad on Sunday, I took some of my new-found wealth to Andronico's and bought a bunch of my favorite foods. I also watched a couple of chick flicks and took a couple of naps. I was feeling pretty good by Sunday afternoon.

Now the knots are back in my stomach though. At least there are only five more weeks to go.

Note: I realized that I forgot to respond to part of Fluffycat's response. At least one reader has received an invite to my birthday party. If you think that you can realistically show up in Berkeley on June 23rd, then I will be more than happy to send you an invite as well. Note that the key word is "realistically." And yes, I am the final judge on that.

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