Monday, May 28, 2007

In a funk

It seems that I probably managed to alienate most of the folks in my life by the time I went to bed Friday night. (OK. Probably just Queenie and Dumbest. Oh, and it seems that somewhere along the way I goofed on Dumbest's age. He's two years younger than I previously thought.) I'm talented like that.

This meant that the majority of my contact this weekend was of the animal form. Oh, and loads of DVDs. To-date I have made it through at least ten movies. They started off light and funny and eventually became very dark. I don't think those last few helped much. Even if they were rather good. Oh, and there was some reading. I found a copy of Reading Lolita in Tehran on the shelf so I started reading it.

I toyed with the idea of heading out on Saturday night and again on Sunday night. I just can't seem to motivate and to get out of this funk. I think I've been on a downward spiral since about February or so and it's just all starting to catch up with me. By Sunday, part of me wanted to cry but I just couldn't get the tears all the way out. Probably just as well that I stayed in. Because when I go out in this kind of mood, I'm just one evil bitch. No, really. I will sit around looking for the smallest of slights just so that I can have the pleasure of ripping you a new one.

I keep thinking that once the school year is over I can start to pull myself out of this mood. Thank goodness there are only three weeks left.

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