Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Instant motherhood

Last night I was talking to Emerald about Kate's wedding plans. The call was interrupted by two other calls -- the first was from my second cousin in South Carolina and the second, my grandmother in Virginia. As they are both from the same side of my family, I became convinced that both calls were on the same subject. They weren't. The second call was just to see how I was doing. The next call was much more in-depth.

It seems that my cousin's son does not qualify for kindergarten next year in North Carolina due to his birth date. He could start in California with no question. And my cousin trusts me beyond belief. Basically she is asking me to take custody of her child long enough to have him start school here. Once he has completed the amount of time in school required by North Carolina, we would transfer custody back to her.

Of course I told her that this arrangement would be OK with me. She is the closest thing I have to an actual sibling. (She along with three other women in my family fall into this category.) But now I keep questioning what I have done. A five year old? Have I lost my mind completely? Obviously. And now I have to stop giving crap to people who have kids.

Now I'll have to call her back because I did some research. She is under the impression that if he were to attend school elsewhere for a few months, they would have to accept him. They don't. After one year, he can enroll in North Carolina but they still have the right to re-enroll him in kindergarten.

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