Saturday, March 3, 2007

Bad girl

Yes, I went out last night. Yes, it was crazy. Because it started like old times. As I was getting ready to head out, I decided to call Grasshopper. She got to the bar before I did and my drink was waiting for me.

A couple of guys walked in. We agreed that one was possibly doable but the other just made us think, "Oh hell no!" The people went down from there. A group walked in and Grasshopper asked, "Is there an ugly convention tonight?" or something along those lines. I said, "Oh dear god. The whole group fell out of the ugly tree, as my mama would say, and hit every branch on the way down." Because Grasshopper and I are nice people like that.

Then there was the point when I looked over her shoulder and said, "No fucking way. Discretely look over your shoulder. No, the other one." Yep, behind Grasshopper was -- wait for it -- Retail Boy!! Neither of us had seen him since that time last summer when I had to put my foot down about the no whining rule. Grasshopper's take? Something about his fucked up hair. "It looks like Andy Gibb but not as cute."

Grasshopper's man eventually showed up and I mentioned a pending Ebay sale. They said they are coming to get the stuff out of my closet this weekend. After talking to a variety of people over the evening, I finally started talking to Retail Boy.

The good news is that he has stopped whining. He is also a lot more considerate. Oh, and I told him that his hair looks completely fucked up whereas mine is totally hot.

So apparently he has The Departed on DVD. I'm supposed to call him if I want him to bring it over tonight. I might need some alcohol as well. Because I like to do stupid things.

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