Friday, March 9, 2007

Happy thoughts

1. It's Friday.

2. My stepmother received her test results the other day. One of her brain tumors is now non-existent. The other four have shrunk 30-40%. The doctors say that her only symptoms at this point should be a result of chemo. She has two more chemo treatments to go. They will do another MRI in six weeks.

3. I finished all of my report cards this week.

4. My kids totally rocked at the assembly today. I was stressed over this throughout the week because the little buggers were treating it like a joke. But this morning they came into the room and surprised me with the fact that they had memorized everything. Our presentation was short -- a recitation of Langston Hughes's "I, Too." I thought that this was a fitting selection since all of my students are people of color. They loved it and totally got into it.

5. Today my room parent came in for the first time this year. I see a lot less stress in my life because she rocks. She can help the kids with assigned work, make photocopies, do filing, and correct work. She is a lifesaver. And because of her, I was actually home by 4:00 today. Most Fridays I am still at work at that time. Don't believe the hype. Teachers do not stop working at 3.

6. I feel so on the ball right now that I can go out and play this weekend. And not feel guilty about it.

7. I spoke to my mother this morning on my way to work. (Don't worry. I use a headset when in the car. Unlike the biotch this afternoon who was busy chatting away on her cellphone -- held in her hand -- who cut me off at an intersection. I was in the left lane, she in the right. She made a left in front of me. But this is about happy thoughts.) My mom will be emailing photos of the MSD soon. The conversation started with her saying, "I have realized that I was not meant to be a mother." Well, duh. I figured that out around age 15 or so. The MSD, a puppy, is working her last nerves as my mother has almost no patience. Perhaps that's how I learned patience. Why is this a happy thought? Because I think I may have convinced my mother to not give up on Loquita. When I called her (returning her call from last night while I was drinking beer), she was ready to return Loquita to her previous owner.

8. My dad emailed me the list that I requested. One of African American vintners in California. Because I knew he had the list saved somewhere. By the way, BWB, Brown is not a member of the organization.

9. In another two weeks or so, BWB will be a Berkeley resident. Can't wait to hang out with her.

10. The love y'all showed when I posted my sketchy post earlier this week. Sometimes I need to vent. But I also like to have some privacy at the same time.

Anyway, hope y'all have a fab weekend. I'm definitely hoping that I will. Of course, either way around, you will probably hear about it on Monday.

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