Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not so exciting

I guess it's kind of sad when the highlight of my day is changing the seating arrangement in the classroom. But there you have it. This was the most exciting part of Monday. Then again, it seemed to have some greatly desired results.

Before changing the seating, I laid out the ground rules. That school is about work and not sitting next to your best friend. Therefore, I would not tolerate any whining about the new seating. "But I don't want to sit next to this person? Why can't I sit next to my friend?" (Imagine the whiny voice.) The answer to the last question is easy. "Because the two of you just play and don't get any work done." They are also now earning group points for appropriate behavior with the chance of receiving rewards. The final thing I did was to write the names of the groups on cards and to hang them over the appropriate desks. Of course, they didn't like my signs -- not fancy enough -- and now want to create their own signs.

Here's to hoping that today is peaceful -- finally.

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