Thursday, March 8, 2007


I have students whom I tell, "You're all up in the kool-aid and don't even know the flavor."

As the school year progresses, they become more comfortable with me. Now I get questions about my marital status. They say that this is because I always have a ring on my left ring finger. (I have worn a ring on this finger since age 11. Every ring that I own that fits that finger has been a gift from my mother. My argument has always been that I'll get the rings re-sized when I receive an adequate replacement. Minimum of one carat for the main stone, emerald cut, set in platinum -- not that I've thought about it. Perhaps I have some more issues to deal with in therapy. It does come in handy when out and about though.) Somehow my answer of "single" is not adequate. No, some of them have gotten it into their heads that I am divorced and am hiding some really good story from them.

When they ask if I have a boyfriend, I simply reply, "Yes." Not really in the mood to get into the ensuing discussion if I told them the truth. Believe me. I know what will happen if I tell them otherwise. They'll be busy trying to find a boyfriend for me. I told them last week that I would have to miss the last day of school due to Kate's wedding. (This was in reply to, "Why are you always here? Why don't we ever have a sub?") Now there is speculation about my continuing single status as well as discussions about children. Various girls have volunteered to be flower girls. The real fun is getting them back on task. Because I know that they're curious and all but I also recognize task avoidance when I see it.

It's a shame they are not older. The cool thing about teaching middle school was I could get into their Kool-aid and play matchmaker.

And speaking of work, I guess I'd better start acting like I have to head there today. Is it Friday yet?

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