Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I cannot escape her

I don't know about y'all but my mother can read me like a book. I called her on Monday evening. She was excited because she has finally gotten a dog. She is calling her Loca. I interjected and said that her name should be Loquita. Because she's only three months old after all. When my mom emails me photos, I'll be sure to post them.

So my mom had to cut the conversation short because of Loquita and asked that I call her back. I did. And we talked for an hour and a half. Then my mother became concerned. Because we had been talking for over an hour. She asked, "What are you worried about?" I spent at least ten minutes denying that I was worried about anything. Then I finally came clean. On Friday my doctor called saying that I needed to schedule a follow-up appointment. I pointed out to her that I already have an appointment scheduled for next week due to other issues. She said that this needs to be a separate appointment. (I know I haven't mentioned it but I've been spending lots of time at the doctor's office over the past month. For me. Not for my relatives, for once. And it's made me kind of stressed out at times.) Monday I received the call about said appointment. My mom tried to reassure me that everything would be OK. But healthwise I have a crappy family history. At least in this area. Because I refuse to take time off from work, this follow-up appointment will not be until April.

So if I seem a little wilder than usual, I hope that y'all will understand. Because until that appointment, I totally plan to live in the moment.

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