Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It looks like this is going to be the week of fights. It seems that my "want to bitch slap someone" energy from last week left me and entered the kids' bodies.

Monday two boys got in a fight during a soccer game at recess. One was left with a big red knot on the side of his head. They both served an in-school suspension yesterday. After school, two of my girls got into a fight on school grounds. One kid, one of the boys from the previous fight, captured the fight on video on his cellphone. The principal was not present yesterday afternoon and we wanted to save the video so that she could see it. I deleted the file from his phone after transferring it to my phone so that he could not send it to someone else. Which he had already tried to do by the time I went to delete the file. Fortunately the other kid's phone did not have messaging or video capability. (I checked.) And I was smart enough to not only erase the original video but the two messages sent from the phone containing the video. I can only guess what is going to happen to the instigator of the fight today.

*sigh* Spring break cannot come soon enough.

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