Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ready to be nice

So a couple of days ago I wrote a post for today. But by last night I was feeling much nicer and decided to write a completely different one.

Maybe the change in mood was due to the lack of sleep. I have slept a mere four hours a night each night this week. Yesterday I was starting to feel it. Yes, I can function on four hours, sometimes even less, but there is a limit to my ability to function after a certain number of consecutive days. I have a feeling that three is the limit.

So now that I'm actually feeling nice, as opposed to pretending to be nice, I decided to be nice to myself. I went into the kitchen and actually cooked last night.

Stuffed shrimp with mustard sauce. Sauteed kale, tomato, onion, and black eyed peas.

It was rather tasty. And I have leftovers for tonight. Yum. Since I was also feeling spring-like (I know it doesn't officially begin until next week.), I made myself a mojito to wash it all down. Tasty. I think it also helped me to get a decent night's sleep.

We'll see how long this mood lasts.

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