Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Business as usual

No, there are no photos of food today. Yesterday I was still feasting upon leftovers. That's the fun of living alone. I have a hard time making the more interesting food items in small amounts so it's either eat it for days or freeze part of it for future consumption. I tried to take some of the soup for lunch yesterday but silly me walked out and left the bag sitting on the counter. That meant that I had to dump it when I got home. Because dairy sitting out all day? Ewwww!

The return to work was not as bad as it could have been. I actually woke up on time. And thankfully since I went into work last Friday for a few hours, I did not have that much prep to do in the morning. The same goes for this morning as I stayed at work until around 5 or so. (This was because a couple of the kids had things to do in the room -- like decorating and sweeping.) Per the kids' suggestion, I think that we will be having a class meeting this morning as well. I think the main topic will be "Now that the room is so clean, how will we keep it this way?"

And are the kids ever busy. This week they have a research report due as well as a book project. I am also busy setting up the calendar for a special project that they will hopefully start next week -- one about which I am thoroughly excited. Basically the kids will come up with a story idea and then sketch out preliminary illustrations. Then a local business will turn their idea into a film. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Finally, my mother leaves tomorrow morning. That means no more calls every day at the precise moment during which I am trying to take a nap. (Yes, this happened every time I was trying to get some rest during the break.) There's a chance that she may not be back until some time in July. Perfectly fine with me. Means I can celebrate my birthday how I want to. Yes, I love my mother. But only when she is at least a few hundred miles away.

Must run along as I have TV to watch before I get ready for work.

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