Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekends mean food

Saturday was a beautiful day. But sleep seemed more important. And then Rach took over my brain and I watched The Wedding Date again.

Sunday was a lot more productive. After awaking in the wee morning hours (6:30 a.m.) and watching the horror of the accident on TV, I finally decided that it was time to motivate. So it was off to the kitchen to remove the various science experiments from the fridge before going off to the grocery store. The true highlight of my grocery shopping was when I was leaning over to check out some flowers and some guy felt the need to say, "Hi," like he wanted to meet me. My thoughts were, "I know you were just looking at my butt. And it's 9:30 in the morning. And you are so not cute. Please go away."

So there was more lazing around the house until I had to get motivated to go to this stitch 'n' bitch -- one of the true highlights of my weekend. Because I finally got to meet BWB in person. We stitched. We bitched. It was fab.

On my way home, I kept pondering what to do with that pound of shrimp I had picked up earlier in the day. Then it struck me that all I was missing was the trinity. That would be the Creole/Cajun one if you're wondering. Because of course, I already had some hot links and some leftover chicken in the fridge. And tomato paste and stewed tomatoes. (By the way, can someone explain how someone -- me -- who does not really like tomatoes all that much managed to have all kinds of tomato choices in the fridge in the cabinet?) What I ended up with is this.

Yes, the rice is sticky but I expected that since I usually only buy medium grain. I do know that I had folks salivating over my leftovers at lunchtime in the staff room today. And now I'm off to consume more. Awww, crap! Knew I was supposed to stop at the store tonight. Jambalaya? Check. Salad? Check. Wine? Check. French bread? Nope. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow.

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