Monday, April 23, 2007

Someone asked for it

The boy is in Lost Wages this weekend. And it's raining. So the cats and I curled up in bed to watch chick flicks. Well, I did -- the movie watching that is. Boris is not really interested in movies. Natasha likes action stuff. She loved Transporter 2. So the two of them napped a lot. And whenever Natasha found a really choice spot, Boris would bother her until she gave up the spot for him. He's such a bully.

And then I got hungry. But I was feeling lazy. Hunger eventually won out.

Yep, calamari and fries. And yes, that is black pepper on the fries. A college roommate got me hooked on pepper and mustard on my fries. Sometimes instead of sprinkling the pepper on the fries, I just dump a bunch in the mustard and stir.

Then on Sunday I decided to continue my bonding with the skillet. Part of a steak and a scramble with green onions, red bell pepper, tomatoes and cheese. This is what I usually eat on Sunday mornings if I'm not having chicken hash with poached eggs. Either way, Sunday morning is not complete without a cup of chai.

I'm starting to think that weekends are all about fried foods.

And since it's Monday, I am sure that I will be seeing more of the above throughout the day. This is followed by my announcement that the dance is not appropriate. For school. For their age. Just not appropriate.

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