Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's my mother's fault

Whenever my mother is around, she feels the need to have daily outings. Tuesday morning she badgered me into joining her on one of these outings. We ended up at Ikea. For a couple of hours. Do you know how dangerous that is?

But after finding linens -- and a few other things -- I was suddenly inspired. I have been wanting to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom for some time. And I really did need to clean. It would be completely wrong to put the new linens on the bed in a messy room. And then there was that bookcase that had seen better days. So of course, yesterday I had to head to Target as well. Oh, and floor pillows. I really needed floor pillows. K-mart came through with one of those. But they only had the one pillow in a color that I liked. So today that meant a trip to both Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as Pier One. (And I still need to got Aaron Brothers because there's this print of the map of Barbados that I should have framed long ago. Perhaps tomorrow. Because I can walk there.) It's a good thing that Top Design has come to an end. Who knows what other shopping damage I could do?

And yes, the cats approve of the new arrangement. I think. They've been using the bed as part of their speedway. Not bad unless one is trying to sleep in said bed.

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