Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Belated birthday

Not mine. Jade's. For those of you not in the know, Jade is my BFF. Next year will mark 35 years of friendship. She's been there through it all and knows where the bodies are buried. (I stay close to her because she is a lightweight and can't handle more than two drinks.) Anywho. Her fortieth birthday was back in April. We made several plans over the last couple of months to go out and do something. Each time she had to cancel for various reasons. Today we will be spending a girls' day of a matinee and some shopping before she leaves this weekend to Italy for a month of visiting with her in-laws. So I awoke yesterday and realized that I really should pick up a gift for her finally. Besides I was still consumed with this urge to shop.

I went to my never-fail shop for gifts for gal pals -- Body Time. I usually pick up a gift pack and a Sally Spicer bag for the lucky recipient. I like to go for one of the cosmetic bags but I didn't like any of the fabrics that they had in stock on Monday. So I figured it was Jade after all. She deserved a tote.

Jade's gift.

These bags are even more addictive than the Kate Spade bags in my opinion. Because they told me an awful thing while I was in the store. "If you don't see a bag in a fabric that you like, you can place a custom order." Nooooo! Do they not know how much I salivate whenever I see the Dragonfly line? Actually, they probably do. I tried out at least two of the bags from that line while I was in the store. And I'll tell you this. If and when those folks call to tell me that I have the job, I am going back there to buy at least one of those Dragonfly bags for myself.

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