Monday, July 16, 2007

End of da funk?

So this weekend I was able to get past that funk I've been in and actually made it out the door. Woohoo!

I started with baby steps on Friday by taking Boris to the vet's for the rest of his shots. Thankfully it was Boris and not Natasha since Boris is always ready to go. Apparently the only ugly moment is when he growled at the folks at the clinic while they gave him his pedicure. They can stick a thermometer up his ass -- no sound. Give him several shots -- once more, no sound. But try to trim his claws? You would think that someone was trying to kill him. Natasha, on the other hand, takes offense starting with the temperature taking. Her reaction is completely, "You want to put what where? I don't think so." Maybe I should spend my spare time stitching up a little leather outfit for Boris. I still think we can get him film work in Berlin.

After I dropped the porn star off, I went to Pet Food Express, a locally owned pet supply store. Their shelves had even less of B&N's brand of choice. Why? Because these folks pulled anything that might contain ingredients from outside of the U.S. I told the sales guy that Natasha likes her wet stuff chunky and so he recommended some stuff. All seafood. Also not the "indoor cat" formula kind of stuff that I prefer. I didn't buy any because I'm not really ready to go back to extra stinky poo.

And then I decided that I deserved a reward for leaving the house. Across the parking lot from the store was an Everett and Jones spot. I temporarily forgot myself and asked for the sauce on the side. Their meat is OK but it definitely needs the sauce. Not like KC's where the meat is so well-seasoned that the sauce is optional. Then again, E&J's is known for their sauce. My ideal world would be KC's meat with the E&J sauce. And the best part? Boris was at the vet's so I didn't have to worry about a cat begging for food while I enjoyed my BBQ.

Friday was the trial day because I knew that I had to head out on Saturday. Saturday was a birthday party for a woman who had attended my party. She had been calling me daily throughout the week to make sure that I would attend. I was a wee past fashionably late after stopping at Body Time to pick up the China Rain pack as her gift. OK. It was more like extreme CP time. The party started at 4:00. I showed up around 6:00. But I looked really cute, wearing some of the new stuff I picked up during my shopping spree.

I was feeling pretty up on my way home but still couldn't find the energy to go out. Probably because it was one of those kind of nights during which I felt I needed a partner in crime. And I don't have one anymore. My old partner, Grasshopper, did call on Saturday. She wanted me to keep her company while she packed up stuff. (She is moving to a new place with her boyfriend.) I brought along a book and we listened to classic disco and talked. When she was finished, I dropped her off at her boyfriend's job.

Strange thing about getting out of the house. Suddenly I didn't want to go back. It was getting to be about dinnertime and I wasn't thrilled with any of the choices in my fridge. I thought of plenty of places where I could have stopped but none sounded appealing. Then I had a brainstorm. I picked up the phone and called Buzzgirl. About a half hour later I found myself in the Mission to meet up with Buzzgirl for dinner at Esperpento. The only things that were the same were the calamari and the sangria. The chorizo were tasty and cute. (They were the size of those little cocktail franks that folks served in the 70s.) And the clams were swimming in that perfect blend of butter and garlic. Buzzgirl correctly surmised when the dish hit the table that we would be needing more bread. We ordered the patatas bravas but ended up with the patatas ali-oli. We did think about sending them back but ended up eating them. Great food and great company. Yep, the funk is over.

I did some thinking over the weekend. I think the real problem is that my two BFFs, Jade and Emerald, are currently out of town. The other women I know? Well most have men in their lives and can't be bothered with me except when the men are unavailable. I've always tried to not be that kind of woman. Because a man is a lot easier to find than a good friend. Well, at least that was the case in the past. And so the past week was a lot of wallowing in the feeling of being old and lonely. (This is why working is important. Work gives me something else to fill my days other than these thoughts.) I've also realized that the dating world is a lot like the work world for me -- I come off a lot better in person than I do on paper. But I haven't really felt like leaving home so what am I to do?

I did also consider getting another cat and fully embracing the life of crazy cat lady. But then I made it out of the house and life started to look better. Besides Natasha would probably do great injury to me and to any new cat I brought in if I did that.

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